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With the ascent of occasional sunshine into England weather, the skater dress is the must have item for this Spring. Already piling up in our wardrobes, we’re gonna let you know our favorites, and the best deals around at the moment!

So get down to your high street, check out the nearest Topshop for dresses as cheap as chips, like this little black dress, great with a fur coat in the daytime or some heels at night.

And these beauties, ranging in colour and all pretty affordable, wear with some black chelsea boots in the day with a parka or faux fur without forgetting some arm candy, check out gallery 2 for those!

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What do you think of these dresses? Are you a fan of the jewellery? Would you wear it? Leave us your comments!


So I’ve seen alot of leather around, leather look leggings, leather boots, leather jackets, it’s all very Grease and fifties, and with stars like Alex Turner bringing the greaser look back, here’s the ultimate guide to the glam rock and roll look.


The most important: The biker jacket. With studded ones, brown ones, real leather, faux leather, it may be very hard to choose, so I’ve done it for you. Here are the best leather jackets around at the moment:

One of the most versatile wardrobes must haves, if you haven’t got one, click the picture and buy buy buy. With the cheapest just £29.99, and the more costworthy of the quartet being £180, choose wisely. You can wear it with a light dress for a more feminine look, or be brave and go more gothic influence and finish with a black maxi skirt, be sure to experiment.

Not feeling a biker jacket? Well then, go straight to American Apparel and pick up some black disco pants, a perfect way to interpret rock chick into your style without going overboard!

Or maybe you just want to stick to the shoes, well River Island chelsea boots are perfect for the occasion –  or even less leather, if you really want a minute input, try this Zara contrast shirt  for a bit of leather glam, without the leather.

But how to wear the leather can be unforgivably mistaken. I have seen someone bop around wearing leather leggings, a biker jacket, AND leather boots. And this is somethign you should always shy away from. Try wearing your jacket with some black jeans and red chelsea boots, or a white shirt and black leggings. And accesorizing? A vibrant colour bag can look great with this style, bright red is my favourite, add some silver bracelets and you’re done! Now just to learn how to play guitar…


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