“St. Tropez do it so well that you do look natural”

Britain’s fashion icon Kate Moss is now the face (and perfectly tanned body) of St. Tropez, with her nude photo-shoot showing nothing but elegance and beauty, apart from her particularly streak free tan. With the self tanning business having been established back in 1996, the skin finishing products have been nothing but brilliance for men and women, leaving “no reason to go around with that pasty pallor anymore” in the words of Moss herself. With the shoot in particular using St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse, the skin you see above exemplifies the easily acquirable tan which St. Tropez are renowned for.
With this being St. Tropez first ever global advertising campaign, it is clear that there was no one but Moss for the job.

Here Moss welcomes us to watch her photo shoot, and we advise you do exactly that.

Do you use self-tanning products? Will this new face to the brand draw you to use St. Tropez? Or do you prefer pale? Let us know in the comments!