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Every year, winter comes around and it becomes a struggle every time when it comes to choosing an outfit for a night out. Jacket? No jacket? Tights? No tights? Here are some simple solutions. Save that cold-avoiding taxi cash and take some inspiration from these practical yet pretty outfits. With the dregs of winter still fading away that cold is still here, but now you’ll survive that breeze on the way to the club!

Red, gold and black is always a perfect combination. Keep warm with a long sleeve bodycon and rock it with thick black tights to stop that chill getting to your legs. And because the dress is bodycon, you can pair it with some comfortable and warm ankle boots and it will still look just as glamorous, finished with that hint of gold in the triple chain necklace.



© (Dress, Shoes, Necklace)

A more casual outfit, yet dressed up with high wedges to make this the perfect winter party outfit. Hints of gold in the necklace and cuff add some needed sparkle! Layer up in glamorous shine disco pants, and a crop top under a classic jumper with a twist of furry texture. Stay even warmer by sneakily layering a few pairs of tights under the disco pants too…



© (Disco Pants, Jumper, Crop Top, Necklace, Cuff Bracelet,Wedge Boots)

Going to a club with a cloakroom and got that spare £1? In that case, sparkle like a snowflake in a white lace dress under this season’s key piece, the boyfriend coat. Stay monochrome with black shoes. These two texture wedges give the perfect point of interest to this outfit, the ankle straps softening the height so you don’t look too garish! Finish it all off with a simple gold chain and red lipstick.



© (Dress, Coat, Wedge Shoes, Necklace)

So wearing long sleeves, jumpers or even coats and always wearing thick tights will have you sorted on every night out this winter – just dress up with accessories and never forget your lipstick!

What do you think of these outfits? Are they quite warm enough for you? What do you wear on these cold winter nights?

Let us know in the comments!


So, charity shops. Some of you may be cringing reading those words, but this post is to change your mind. As a successful charity shopper some days there’s nothing like looking through the rails and finding the most beautiful item of clothing in your hands, for £2.50. Shoes, bags, scarves, blouses, skirts, belts…etc, the list of charity shop stock is endless, and with crazy prices, I ensure once you go once you’ll be heading to those charity shops every weekend instead of the shopping centre. And it will seriously increase the amount of cash left in your purse after a shopping spree. And to those who are STILL cringing at the idea of wearing secondhand clothes, I was once in that position until I was dragged into one, and ever since…

And finally, just to convince you further that this will be the best choice you make during the whole 2012, I’ve raided Lookbook for charity shop and thrift store spends, and heres a gallery of the best outfits featuring (and sometimes entirely consisting of) charity shop items…have a look!


What do you think of these thrift pieces? Do you ever shop in charity shops or thrift stores? Will you be looking harder for those beautiful pieces in your next visit? Leave us a comment!

Well into November, winter is upon us, and I’ve put together the simple guide to looking good this season.

Full of denim, jumpers, hats, scarves, keep warm and look great, not forgetting the leopard print dress and banana heels for those Christmas parties. Get in the festive season with these clothes, kit yourself out or get a loved one a great present, anyone’ll look great in this simple style.

Perfect for chuckin’ snow, glasses of wine and decorating the tree!

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